Students of the MRI laboratory

BSc students:

Tadej Kokalj (MR Microscopy of Water Migration in Porous Materials),
Asja Kranjc (Reduction of Artefacts due to Chemical Shifts in MRI)
Maja Glavič (MRI Measurements of Flow in Pipes of Different Geometries)
Jasna Urbanija (MR Imaging and Simulation of Laminar Flow in Liquids)
Marjeta Tušek (MR Truncation Artifact in RARE MRI Sequences and its Reduction)
Antal Zupanc (Design and make of a NRM probe for measuring the temperature dependence of diffusion)
Katja Klančar (A study of freezing by dynamical magnetic resonance imaging)
Žan Jerman (Snow melting dynamics studied by magnetic resonance imaging)
Manca Gale (Monitoring of convection by displacement imgaing using magnetic resonance tagging method)

MSc students:

Janez Podobnik (MR The use of magnetic resonance imaging in monitoring effects of enviroment on respiratory organs)
Jan Šömen (Magnetic resonance magnetization transfer imaging)
Patricia Cotič (Simultaneous EEG-fMRI at 7T for the study of human resting-state brain activity)
Manca Podvratnik (The effect of magnetic field strength on quality of magnetic resonance images)
Roškar Nejc (Magnetic resonance thermography)
Luka Rogelj (Magnetic resonance imaging of samples with short T2 relaxation time)
Matic Noč (Diffusion tensor magnetic resonance imaging)

PhD students:

Jernej Vidmar (MR Magnetic resonance imaging in analysis of thrombolysis and prognosis of its outcome)
Franci Bajd (MR The effect of blood flow on formation and dissolution of blood clots)
Nina Bizjak (MR A study of the impact of different bio-chemo-mechanical factors on the course of thrombolysis using optical and magnetic resonance microscopy)