Beginnings of MRI laboratory at Jozef Stefan Institute (JSI) date in the year 1987 when the first MR tomograph was installed. This was a 2.35 T Bruker Biospec system. Since it was the first MR tomograph in the country it attracted attention of many scientists working in different fields of science: physics, biology, veterinary medicine, forestry as well as medical doctors, especially radiologists. Now, situation is quite different. The old system is replaced with a modern one capable of sophisticated MRI studies and allows development of new imaging techniques. Microimaging accessories to the main system enabled research oriented more towards material sciences. Interest of MDs for MRI research has moved to clinical institutions where number of clinical scanners were installed in the past. The MRI laboratory team kept contacts with all these people and is still providing them a technical support and knowledge.
Early days of MRI laboratory at JSI.

How can a man fit into our magnet?