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NMR Group, year 2005

  • Laguta, VV; Blinc, R; Itoh, M; Seliger, J; Zalar, B
    Sr-87 NMR of phase transitions in (SrTiO3)-O-16 and (SrTiO3)-O-18
    PHYSICAL REVIEW B, 72 (21): Art. No. 214117 DEC 2005
  • Blinc, R; Zalar, B
    A class of nanoassociative algebras arising from quadratic odes
    COMMUNICATIONS IN ALGEBRA, 33 (3): 807-828 2005
  • Zalar, B; Lebar, A; Seliger, J; Blinc, R; Laguta, VV; Itoh, M
    NMR study of disorder in BaTiO3 and SrTiO3
    PHYSICAL REVIEW B, 71 (6): Art. No. 064107 FEB 2005
  • Jeglic, P; Dolinsek, j
    NMR features of a decagonal Al72.6Ni10.5Co16.9 quasicrystal
    PHYSICAL REVIEW B, /1 (1): Art. No. 014204 JAN 2005
  • Lebar, A; Kutnjak, Z; Zumer, S; Finkelmann, H; Sanches-Ferrer, A; Zalar, B
    Evidence of supercritical behevior in liquid single crystal elastomers
    PHYSICAL REVIEW LETTERS, 94 (19): Art. No. 197801 MAY 20 2005
  • Cevc, P; Arcon, D; Blinc, R; Emri, I
    Electron paramagnetic resonance of stessed fibre nylon 6: annealing effect
    JOURNAL OF PHYSICS D-APPLIED PHYSICS, 38 (14): 2299-2302 JUL 21 2005
  • Zijlstra, ES; Bose, SK; Dolinsek, J
    Structural model and electronic structure of the icosahedral Al-Ga-Pd-Mn quasicrystal
    PHYSICAL REWIEW B, 72 (9): Art. No. 092203 SEP 2005
  • Belin-Ferre, E; Klanjsek, M; Jaglicic, Z; Dolinsek, J; Dubois, JM
    Experimental study of the electronic density of states in aluminium-based intermetallics
    JOURNAL OF PHYSICS-CONDENSED MATTER, 17 (43): 6911-6924 NOV 2 2005
  • Zijlstra, ES; Bose, SK; Klanjsek, M; Jeglic, P; Dolinsek, J
    Ab initio study of icosahedral Al-Pd-Mn quasicrystal: Structural model, electric field gradients, and negative valence  of Mn
    PHYSICAL REVIEW B, 72 (17): Art. No. 174206 NOV 2005
  • Koster, U; Apih, T; Jastrow, L; Dolinsek, J
    Hydrogen diffusion in Zr-based metalic glasses at high hydrogen contents
    JOURNAL OF ALLOYS AND COMPOUNDS, 404: 256-256 DEC 8 2005